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IFMR Study

The Ministry of Rural Development has undertaken a project to understand placement outcomes after vocational training, in association with Harvard University's Evidence for Policy Design and IFMR. This is a study on the impact of SGSY and DDU-GKY Programs on recruitment and at present is focusing on Madhya Pradesh. This study also focuses on increasing female participation in the Placement Linked Skill Development Training Programs.

AISECT is one of the Project Implementing Agency under DDU-GKY Training Program and currently running this project in 6 districts of Madhya Pradesh. IFMR is conducting this mobilization study in partnership with us. We will be conducting this mobilization study in 20 selected Gram Panchayats of Bhopal and Sehore District. This study is being conducted to evaluate the impact of female mobilizers on increasing women’s participation in training and subsequent job placement outcomes.

In February 2015, Dr. Charity Moore, Director of Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) India met with Siddharth Chaturvedi (Director-Operations, AISECT), Shilpi Varshney (Director, Projects and Skill Development) and Srashti Singhal to discuss AISECT’s work in skilling in Madhya Pradesh and the possibility of developing a research-policy partnership to address the issues outlined above. Apart from this meeting, she also visited our Bhopal Training Centre and interacted with participants as well.

In April 2015, Ms. Riddhima Mishra from IFMR visited our Barghat (Dist. Jabalpur) centre and conducted Mobilization Study. She conducted this survey along with our Mobilization Team. Our Centre Manager coordinated in the whole process and provided supporting documents whenever required.

AISECT and IFMR then worked together and came out with a two month plan for this mobilization study to be conducted in the 20 Gram Panchayats of Bhopal and Sehore districts. IFMR helped us in providing a list of 10 families in each Gram Panchayat.

Our Mobilizer from AISECT Head Office and One mobilizer from their team visited one Gram Panchayat daily and discussed about the DDUGKY Programme and its benefits. To do this mobilization we meet with Government Officials like Sarpanch, Sachiv, Aanganwadi workers and distribute pamphlets, discuss about the project to villagers. Apart from these our team then visits 10 families daily based on the list we received from IFMR. A female mobilizer from their team especially meets with the women aged 18-25 and try to motivate them to participate in this training program.

This mobilization study was completed on 28th August 2015 for Bhopal district and total 10 Gram Panchayats were visited during this period. The name of 10 GPs are given below:

  • Eintkhedi                                       (ईंटखेड़ी)
  • Kalara                                             (कलारा)
  • Junapani                                        (जूनापानी)
  • Kutkipura                                       (कुटकीपूरा)
  • Dillod                                             (दिल्लोद)
  • Raipur                                            (रायपुर)
  • Gunga                                            (गुनगा)
  • Bilkhiriya                                        (बिलखिरिया)
  • Jamuniya Kalan                             (जमुनियां कलां)
  • Amjhara                                         (आमझरा)

This mobilization study helped us in understanding following points.

  • 52% participants were female candidates from the total people surveyed.
  • 69% participants were literate from the total people surveyed.
  • 42% participants were youth candidates (aged 18-25).
  • 60% families were interested in the DDU-GKY training programme and were interested in their family member to undergo this training programme.

Mobilization Study at a glance

1. Survey date: 18.Aug.2015 Gram Panchayat: Eitkhedi

2. Survey date: 19.Aug.2015 Gram Panchayat: Kalara

3. Survey date: 20.Aug.2015 Gram Panchayat: Junapani

4. Survey date: 21.Aug.2015 Gram Panchayat: Kutkipura

5. Survey date: 22.Aug.2015 Gram Panchayat: Dillod

6. Survey date: 24.Aug.2015 Gram Panchayat: Raipur

7. Survey date: 25.Aug.2015 Gram Panchayat: Gunga

8. Survey date: 26.Aug.2015 Gram Panchayat: Bilkhiriya

9. Survey date: 27.Aug.2015 Gram Panchayat: Jamuniyan Kalan

10. Survey date: 28.Aug.2015 Gram Panchayat: Amjhara